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The modular and scalable E-commerce solution for the interior products industry

Configure and dynamically visualise your products for online sales

ConfiMerce provides you with a modular and scalable E-commerce solution, which meets all of the specific requirements for the online sale of interior products. Our ConfiMerce solution consists of four components that can be integrated into existing E-commerce solutions or form the basis for a new, unique and efficient solution.

Four starting points for your customised ConfiMerce solution

Are you already working with a web store but want a more efficient and personalised product visualisation?

Then you could incorporate our Integrate Cloud including an AI tool in your web store.

Integrate cloud/AI tool

You are already using InteriorStudio and the AI tool for visualisation and now intend to sell your products online?

We will generate a customised web store and integrate the tools for you.

Webshop/Shopware 6

You are already successfully operating your web store but want to largely automate the data workflow to your web store?

Then we will use our Sprint package to introduce our PIM system for you in just one month.


You are a new customer and intend to efficiently digitise your sales and marketing activities?

Then we will jointly develop a customized ConfiMerce concept for your sales and marketing activities with you.

ConfiMerce solution

The components of our ConfiMerce solutions

Integrate Cloud and Services

For the dynamic integration of your image content

No administration of product images on the server side, no previous visualisation of countless preconfigured product versions. The Integrate Cloud and Services platform provides you with an option for the dynamic generation of the matching images for any current product configuration and a direct presentation for customers. This way, dynamically generated detail, surface and room images are created from static image content.

Thanks to the flexible API, the Integrate platform can be efficiently incorporated in your web store, your product configurator and many others. The integration of existing back-end systems simplifies data maintenance.

Shopware plugin and web store integration

Visualise your products where it matters the most

Visualise each of your customers’ product configurations directly in the web store, thereby enhancing the E-commerce experience. Whether in your existing store system or as a new ConfiMerce shopware solution: The interaction between the Integrate platform and the store system simplifies the visual product selection and gives your customers the confidence that they are choosing the right product.

For new web stores or when changing systems, our own shopware plugin offers seamless integration of the Integrate platform into your web store. From conceptualisation to set-up and hosting, we will purposefully guide you to your own professional web store.

The eCommerce future in 60 days

The sprint package for your professional webshop

One price. One package. Two months. With our Confi Merce Shop Sprint package, we introduce your individual webshop quickly and at a fixed price. Based on the eCommerce system Shopware 6 (professional edition), you receive a modularly structured webshop that can be adapted to existing and future needs/requirements and meets all legal requirements.

ConfiMerce Shop: One price. One package. Two months.

Targeted expansion of ConfiMerce

The modular and scalable design of the ConfiMerce solution offers additional modules from the Interiormarket portfolio you can use to expand your E-commerce solution. Anytime and step by step.

Immediate presentation in any room photo

Directly in the web store, customers can visualise their selected floor and wall coverings in their own room photo.

Integration of the room configurator

Material calculation, selection of accessories: Expand the possibilities of product and room configuration.

Automation of the data workflow for web stores

Automate the data maintenance between back-end systems and web store from a centralised data base.

Mobile first: Expand the customer experience

Expand contact points and offer added value: Our app service leads you to mobile E-commerce solutions.

With ConfiMerce into the future of E-commerce.

We are happy to provide you with a consultation.


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