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Mobile app development service

Expand the customer experience

Expand contact points and offer added value: Our app service leads you to customised mobile apps for expanding your customer relationships.

Present where the customers are

The installations and the usage frequency of mobile apps are constantly growing in the fields of business and E-Commerce. Being represented in the marketplaces and integrating one’s own app into the digital marketing chain will increasingly become the standard of successful customer experience strategies.

From the presentation of your products in the customer’s own room photos via AI tool to complex apps with innovative technologies such as real-time video rendering or device connection: Our mobile app service develops customised apps for Android and iOS for you.

Mobile apps – Product example “Paints”

The new intelligent world of colours

Through the example of the market segment of “Paints,” you get to know the world of our innovative technologies such as real-time video rendering or device connection.

Component: Live video rendering

Start the live video rendering, point the camera at a wall, choose your favorite colour from the collections and see the result. The selected colour is rendered in the displayed wall area while the room objects maintain their natural appearance. Customers can compare the effect of paints in their own room environment in real time. Indoors and outdoors.

Component: Room configurator

The colour design of walls significantly impacts our perception as to how we judge buildings and rooms. In the room configurator, customers experience the effect of different colour designs. All colours selected can be saved as favorites, can be accessed anytime and can also be used for making a purchase decision.

Component: Device connection

Integrating colour measuring devices into the app

With the help of colour measuring devices, customers can quickly determine the colour values of a number of surfaces and reconcile them with the paint colour collections. Results that are suitable are displayed in the app. The colours can be spatially visualised as needed.

Component: Visualised information

Making the most minute differences visible

Capture at a single glance what is important. Intuitively present your product information and simplify your product selection process.

Combination with E-Commerce solutions

What else can we do for you? We are happy to provide you with a consultation.


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