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Using product images efficiently for room photos

Marketing materials on demand without photo shoots and set-up – Our ActiveRender service generates product images for you quickly and cost-effectively in the spatial context. Based on your digital product scans, surface images with many variations as well as ambiance photos for classic and digital marketing activities are created in no time at all.

Product presentations without limit

Our ActiveRender service offers more for your budget than traditional product visualisations. Use your digitised product images and impactful room photos in order to represent as many product versions as your marketing objectives require. Cost-effective, just in time and with no limit.

All that is needed for the spatial product visualisation is your personal concept as to what the spatial product images should look like. Based on our 3D procedure, we realise any product visualisation in a spatial context. Once a room has been created, the product images can be generated from any perspective and for each version.

For floor, wall and ceiling

Left: Original photo with shadowing. Right: Adjustment of the shadowing after new floor installation.

Highlight what’s best about your products

The realistic representation of specific surfaces and the product-specific feel are key for the impact of your interior products. For frontal and perspective surface images, individually adjustable camera positions and light sources stage your products to great effect.

Depending on the surface materials and the lighting/shadowing, each original image of a room photo has its individual colour character. Our ActiveRender service adjusts the colour temperature of the room true to colour to the product. Since the original light and shadow areas are also incorporated, the original room character remains intact for every new ambiance photo.

Staging the diversity of flooring versions

Matte or glossy floors, V-shaped or U-shaped chamfers, antiqued or natural stone look and many more: Visualizing the entire world of flooring diversity has been part of the DNA of our ActiveRender service from the very beginning.

In a mix with product-typical installation techniques and combinations, you generate flooring portfolios that can be adjusted precisely to your marketing requirements. The division of the floor surface into several installation areas and for different flooring products opens up another dimension of flooring presentations to you.

Integrating the ActiveRender service into the Interiormarket workflow

Once they are generated, surface images and ambiance photos can be centrally managed with our PIM system MarketingManager and disseminated to your marketing channels in an automated fashion. In combination with our room configurator InteriorStudio you use the processed room photos as gallery images and the digitised products as configurable product images.

What else can we do for you? We are happy to provide you with a consultation.


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