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The visualisation platform for retailers and the trades

Materialo is Europe’s largest mixed materials database and links product data with the impressive online visualisation of the Materialo room configurator. Conceptualised for the trades and specialised retailers, Materialocombines the advantages of online visualisation with stationary consultations on site. With Materialo, you can realise any room idea.

Building trust

A targeted consultation with Materialo in connection with sample books and genuine samples will help customers make a confident purchase decision.

Increasing your online presence

A targeted consultation with Materialoin connection with sample books and genuine samples will help customers make a confident purchase decision.

Continuous point of contact

Materialo is always present – whether it’s at the store, in mobile format on the tablet at the customer’s place, or available around the clock on your website. Your collections are close at hand anytime.

Adjust your Materialo

Materialo is adjustable – With your own logo and PDF banner, you can adjust the Materialo® look to your own style. You compile the materials you would like to carry in your portfolio

Your room configurator for many interior areas

Celebrate your success with Materialo

Materialo was built on the idea to offer a platform to the trades and retailers where customers can select from a comprehensive pool of materials. Material data and rooms have been processed and can be used in Materialo.

The portfolio already includes more than 17,000 floor coverings, about 20,000 upholstery fabrics and approximately 16,000 wallpapers. In each portfolio, powerful filters and search options make the product selection easier.

Floor coverings

Sun protection products

Fabrics and deco materials

Wall paints and wallpapers

AI tool for Materialo — Presentations in the customer’s own room photos

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