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Show. Inspire. Sell.

The Visualization App for Interior Design Professionals!

Materialo®: Your AI-Supported Tool for Convincing Product Presentations

enhances the shopping experience through impressive visualizations of various products. Showcase carpets, wall paints, upholstery fabrics, sunshades and more to enable compelling purchase decisions – online and mobile.

Mobile first – service at its best

Materialo® is always by your side – whether in the store, mobile on the tablet at the customer’s premises or available around the clock on your website. Your collections are always ready for use.

Configure Materialo® yourself

Customize Materialo® to your style with your own logo and PDF banner. You update the app yourself with rooms, materials and brands that you want to present in your portfolio.

Innovative efficiency

Reduce your costs and achieve more sales by supporting targeted advice with Materialo® both online and at the POS in conjunction with hand samples for trade and craft.

Texture partnership

With Materialo®, you expand your digital visibility and at the same time you are part of the Materialo® Cloud to generate more reach on all channels with Materialo® together additionally.

Try Materialo® for 1 month, free of charge and without obligation

Simply get started: Register with your e-mail address and a password – that’s all you need! The trial month ends automatically.

Your account gives you access to a powerful tool that helps you create impressive room designs.

Your way to the trial version:

  • Create yourself an account
  • Personalize your profile
  • Customize manufacturers and collections

Discover the world of Materialo®!

Materialo® delivers success for interior designers

Floor coverings

Sun protection products

Fabrics and deco materials

Wall paints and wallpapers

Innovative visualisation:

Immerse yourself with Materialo® in the innovative online visualisation and see your room ideas come to life even before you lay down the first brush stroke.

Perfect for craftsmen and specialist retailers:

Materialo® was developed especially for craftsmen and specialist retailers. Use the advantages of online visualisation, complement the stationary consulting situation!

Your creativity knows no limits:

Upload any photographed room with Materialo® ‘s AI and experiment with textures, colours and materials on the automatic recognised floors and also on walls to create the perfect ambience.

One tool, endless possibilities:

For all interior designers,  Materialo® is the essential app to bring room ideas to life. Enrich your sales and design situation with  and experience the future of visualisation.

Creative ideas deserve Materialo®!

AI tool for Materialo® — Presentations in the customer’s own room photos

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