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Overview: Product and service portfolio

The four components of the Interiormarket platform

  • Room configurators — Configure products and present them in a room-related fashion

  • E-commerce solutions — Configure products and sell them online

  • Product information management — Collect, link and disseminate product information automatically (PIM system)

  • ActiveServices — Digitise and visualise products

Combinable. Modular. Scalable.

Interiormarket is the complete marketing solution for the interior furnishings industry, in order to automate and accelerate data-supported marketing along the marketing chain. Each component represents an independent, modular unit and can be combined with other components.

1. Room configurators
Present your products in every spatial context, provide intuitive customer experiences in all digital marketing channels and integrate your data workflow into the processes of the room configurator.
For manufacturers, wholesalers and DIY stores

Modular marketing platform

InteriorStudio is the leading platform for the digital marketing of your interior products. The platform combines product configuration / presentation and functional extensions and interfaces to your back-end systems. InteriorStudio can be individually customized for corporate and/or brand identities.

Can be combined with the AI tool and the mobile app service.

For the trades and specialized retailers

Standardised presentation platform

The Materialo®-platform consists of three services. Manufacturers use the platform to present their products and make the original data available for the room-related product presentation of the Materialo® partners. End customers can use the platform to access the product database and to search for Materialo® partners with a geo-reference.

Can be combined with the AI tool.

For the tilesetting trades and tile retailers

Standardised tile configurator

PIXMO is the digital presentation tool for the tile market. Customers can visualize their favorite products in each room in accordance with all the rules of the tiling trade. During the presentation, customers access the original item and image data of well-known manufacturers, which are kept up to date automatically. For POS, web and mobile devices.

Can be combined with the AI tool.

Global tools

AI tool

The AI tool visualizes all flooring and wall products in the customer’s own room photos. The AI tool automatically recognizes the floor and wall surfaces and prepares them for the product configuration and visualization. Customers can immediately see what the product looks like in their own room.

Global tools

Mobile apps

Interiormarket offers development services for mobile apps based on the room configurators. From simple carrier apps to native apps with real-time video rendering, augmented reality and combined device connection, you can implement a great variety of apps for your digital marketing. Can be combined with the AI tool.

Global tools

3D viewer

Make surface structures experienceable in 3D — Our 3D viewer presents the surfaces as if they were “within your reach” and renders the product properties true to detail. As a prerequisite, you will need the product scans with 3D and the glossy mask from our ActiveScan service.

2. E-commerce solutions

ConfiMerce is the service for individual E-Commerce solutions, which can either be built on your existing solutions or implemented from a fresh installation. The solutions are based on the Interiormarket components which are individually adjusted and expanded to your requirements and your infrastructure.

3. PIM system

The innovative product information management system (PIM) simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing. From one centralized data base, you supply all marketing channels with the latest product information at all times. Marketingmanager represents the control center in order to combine data from different sources, link them and output them to the export channels.

4. ActiveServices

Marketing materials on demand without photo shoots and set-up – With our ActiveServices, we digitise your interior products cost-effectively and in a timely manner and visualise surface-related product photos for digital and classic marketing activities.
High-end scan service for interior products

Natural surface structures, impressive product details, brilliant colour rendering: Our high-end scan service facilitates digital capture true to scale for a great variety of surface materials of interior products. Colour nuances, structures and surface qualities are transferred 1:1 to the virtual product picture. Grain, (partial) glossy areas and the feel of flat and pile fabrics
are “tactile” to the eye.

Virtually generate surface and ambiance photos

The ActiveRender service uses the product scans from the scan service to generate new surface images. In combination with your room photos, you can create as many perfectly rendered ambiance photos as you like. The ActiveRender service is suitable for all surface materials in the interior products segment. The variable use of the different surface representations opens up a cost-efficient way for you to stage your products in a timely manner for all marketing levels.

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