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The modular marketing platform for the interior furnishings industry

Configuring and spatially presenting products

A marketing platform for web, POS and mobile devices: With our modular InteriorStudio, you can effectively present your interior products in a natural room environment and efficiently control your marketing activities in all digital marketing channels.

The toolbox for effective product presentations

From the room photo gallery and smart product selection to product data sheets: InteriorStudio intuitively unites product configuration and visualisation, thereby accelerating selection of the final product.

Integrating external systems with the platform

Whether it’s ERP, CMS or store systems: Integrate your existing systems into the InteriorStudio platform and ensure a smooth and secure data transfer between InteriorStudio and your systems.

Various extensions for any marketing strategy

Use the customer’s own room photos, display accessory items and integrate a CAD service: Design your InteriorStudio according to your own wishes. Functional extensions will help you achieve your customised solution.

AI tool for floor and wall coverings

Immediate presentation in any room

Our AI tool visualizes floors and wall coverings directly in any of the customers’ room photos. Photograph the room, upload the room photo and the customer can see right away what the selected product will look like in his own room.

Designing customer experiences

Room-related representation

The InteriorStudio platform offers two possibilities for room-related product configuration. In the photo gallery, you organize a variety of ambiance scenarios from residential, property and exterior areas as room templates in which customers configure the products. You can preconfigure styles as needed.

The optional AI tool uses the customers’ room photos in order to automatically and directly represent flooring and wall products in the customers’ room photos.

Smart product selection

Combine several interior areas into one configurable overall presentation. With one touch or a mouse click on a surface, customers can intuitively configure a product and visualize their selection in the room photo based on all product rules. Selection filters and previews simplify the product selection. 

In just a short period of time, your customers can explore a variety of possibilities. You can also use predefined room/style combinations for a style consultation when needed.

Direct customer contact

Inform your customers in detail about the currently configured products and provide them with the opportunity to contact you directly.

Whether by email, social media or a ticket requesting a consultation appointment to review a saved product/room configuration: Customers can choose from various forms of contact and generate their inquiries from the current product configuration.

Responsive viewer

Adjust the room configurator to your desired look and feel and for any device resolution. In addition, you can change the arrangement and the design of the UI elements according to your ideas.

The InteriorStudio viewer automatically adjusts perfectly to all device resolutions and offers the same functionality across different devices. This way you ensure that your very own InteriorStudio remains recognizable across all marketing channels.

A platform for many interior areas

The InteriorStudio platform can be used in many room-related scenarios: Areas in residential and commercial properties, transportation or exterior areas such as facades and patios. In the various scenarios, flooring products, ceiling and wall coverings as well as doors, windows, furniture surfaces, upholstery, and more can be configured. There are no limits to your imagination.

Residential property: Flooring
Residential property: Wall coverings
Residential property: Furniture surfaces
Residential property: Doors, flooring, wall
Object property: Flooring
Object property: Flooring
Objektbereich: Bodenbelag
Transportation: Flooring
Exterior area: Access path, wall
Exterior area: Facades

Additional modules

The modular system for your digital marketing ideas

InteriorStudio offers a variety of functional extensions you can use to individually adjust your InteriorStudio platform to your requirements and link it to external systems.

How to compile your individual solution

Use the modular and scalable InteriorStudio platform for your customized marketing. The various categories allow you to exactly determine your requirements. We are happy to provide you with a consultation.


  • Floor coverings
  • Ceramic and stone tiles
  • Wall coverings
  • Ceiling coverings
  • Wallpapers
  • Paint
  • Furniture surfaces
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Upholstery
  • Curtains, blinds


  • Terraces, balconies
  • Flooring for patios and outdoor areas
  • House façades
  • Sun shades

Optional extensions

  • AI tool
  • Customisation Tool
  • Design flooring
  • Material calculation
  • Client-enabled apps
  • Display of product versions
  • Display of accessories
  • Product rulebooks
  • CAD service
  • Ticket service
  • Forms
  • Direct sink
  • and more

System integration

  • Onlineshops
  • CMS
  • Web services
  • Social Media
  • Analysis tools

Application areas

  • Websites
  • Online stores
  • Click & Collect
  • POS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media
We have compiled a few reference examples for you.
Using the InteriorStudio platform in mobile apps. Get to know the possibilities.

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