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High-end scan service for many materials

A successful product presentation starts with a high-quality product photo, which determines the quality of subsequent visual processing. The leading-edge technology of our scan systems as well as our many years of expertise guarantee first-rate results you can use in print and digital media.

When virtual looks absolutely real

Natural surface structures, impressive product details, brilliant colour rendition: Our high-end scan systems digitize surface materials from the interior products sector true to scale up to individual dimensions of 2,350 mm x 1,350 mm.

Perfect lighting of the product templates, the three-dimensional representation based on 3D depth data and our consistent colour management (ICC workflow) according to ISO 12647 guarantee perfect product photos for all forms of your marketing activities.

Neutral lighting

Glossy masks

3D masks

Light and shade

Perfect illumination

Create visual added value

Show your products from their most effective angle. Whether it’s transparency that is exact to a single thread in drapes, perfectly lit weave structures or the plastic surfaces of floors, tiles and upholstery fabrics: The individual product features receive the visual face that corresponds to their characteristics. For baled or roll-based and multi-board products, our follow-up processing creates seamless transitions.

Variable image resolutions of product photos

ActiveScan offers product scans in different resolutions, which can be freely chosen depending on your planned applications. Each product can be digitized on a scale of 1:1, 1:2 and 1:4. For example, the chosen scale determines the maximum size in which the product photo can be printed in professional prints.

Detail scan – Example with 3 connecting boards 300 dpi 1:1

Affordable perfection

From the consultation and receiving inspection to data delivery, the scan service runs through a standardised procedure. This way we ensure a professional, multi-level workflow. Efficiency and a quality promise meet a compelling price-benefit ratio.

Material delivery


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ActiveRender and 3D Viewer:

Use scans multiple times

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Location: Wesel
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