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The modular system for your digital marketing ideas

InteriorStudio offers a variety of functional extensions you can use to individually adjust your InteriorStudio platform to your requirements and link it to external systems.

Centralized web application

Use your version of InteriorStudio to generate as many dealer- and brand-specific versions as you like

With our CWA module, you can reproduce your InteriorStudio for external partners and/or different brand versions. Based on your centralized application, the colors of the user interface and the GUI elements can be adjusted as needed for each CWA instance, the corporate or brand logo can be inserted and product ranges and photo galleries can be selected.

This way, your InteriorStudio can be adjusted in a dealer- and brand-specific manner in many areas and opened via the desired URL. Changes to the product ranges are automatically incorporated in all CWA instances.

Communication, analysis and service

Google Analytics

The module analyses user behavior in InteriorStudio and transmits the data to Google Analytics. Based on the API, individual requirements can be entered.

Direct Link

The module closes the gap between the product presentation and additional information. It directly links your InteriorStudio to your website.

Full-text item search

For comprehensive product ranges, the full-text item search is an indispensable tool for filtering products by keywords, item numbers, etc. and to list items across product groups.

Product versions

The module lists all product versions of an item for interactive presentation and enables the direct visualisation of a product version in the room photo. The associated item information is also automatically displayed.

Social media

The module allows users to send a link to the current product and room combination and/or publish it in social media.


Customer feedback, product inquiries, surveys: The form module enables the integration of forms of all types.

CAD service

The CAD service facilitates the transfer of the selected floor covering as an installed surface directly into a CAD project or a 3D application. Following product selection, the user enters the dimensions of the floor area, selects the suitable 3D format and downloads the textures as a 3D file.


The module provides the opportunity to save favorites and to share them with others (e.g. architects, builders). Once the configuration has been saved as a favorite, users can generate a code and share it with others. The code is valid for three months.

Sample ordering

For mass customisation products, the module routes the individual design configuration for sample orders. The order data are automatically transferred to your back-end system.

Design installation module

Present complex design installation patterns in room photos

For floor coverings and ceramic tile, InteriorStudio offers a variety of default installation patterns, which can be expanded via the design installation module. Installation patterns can be composed of as many items as desired. After the installation pattern has been selected, only those products which can be combined in a rule-consistent manner will automatically be listed. Each product within an installation pattern can be chosen by the user individually and according to predefined rules. The results are immediately visible in the room photo.

Expanding presentations

Facilitate product comparisons and changes of the viewing angle

Split view

Split view (= split screen) divides the presentation surface into two areas in which different products can be configured and presented. The effect of the differently configured areas is immediately visible in the room photo, thereby facilitating a direct comparison of products.

Zoom in

The zoom-in function allows a high-resolution product representation that goes far beyond the screen resolution (e.g. with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixel). Special product characteristics such as surface structures, chamfers, etc. can be highlighted and presented to the customer in detail.

Perspective zoom

In order to highlight special product details and combinations, the perspective zoom can be used to place additional detail views in the room photo. The perspective zoom represents a product from various perspectives or in other lighting situations and displays them separately in their own window.

Module for E-commerce

Link online store integration, area-related calculation and accessory items

Web store integration

From finding and visualizing products to ordering with just a few mouse clicks: The module enables the transfer of the product selection and calculation for the order process. Conversely, the product can be taken from the online store and visualized in InteriorStudio.


The module determines the area-related amount of material and accessory items for flooring and wall products. The extended Plus version calculates the amount of material for products from the design installation module. The calculation and web store modules allow the combination of ordering processes.

Accessory items

The module lists the matching accessory items in the product range in a product-dependent manner and displays them with product information for the items. In combination with the web store integration and calculation modules, customer-friendly shopping experiences can be generated.

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