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The innovative PIM package for medium-sized companies

Your efficient data hub for your omnichannel marketing: Our innovative PIM system for medium-sized companies simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing. From one centralized data basis, you supply all marketing channels with the latest product information at all times.

Automating data workflow

MarketingManager serves as your control center to accelerate marketing-relevant processes involving product information by and between manufacturers, wholesalers and specialised retailers. It does this in automated fashion and automatically supplies all output channels with product information.

Four components for your data workflow

Benefits for manufacturers

Accelerate marketing workflows

  • No time-consuming data search, no dual data processing, no missing data overviews and manually compiled information: Use our MarketingManager to build your own knowledge database.

  • Automatic approval processes, time-controlled data distribution: Our MarketingManager can help relieve your employees of many everyday marketing tasks.

  • Data sheets, labels, price lists, web pages, online stores: MarketingManager simplifies and automates content creation and updates from the centralised data basis. Predefined rules ensure zero-defect production.

  • MarketingManager ensures that only approved image files in their latest version can be processed. The system automatically reconciles those image files that are labeled with image rights.

Benefits for retailer

Automatic integration of supplier data

  • MarketingManager combines the product data of various manufacturers and automatically reconciles the data with the data sources according to predefined rules.

  • From the centralised data base, MarketingManager enriches the product data and distributes them as product information across channels and according to predefined rules for marketing and sales.

  • MarketingManager has customised input masks based on which the product data can be entered into the centralised data base according to predefined rules.

  • A variety of connectors integrate the centralised data base into existing systems. This way, you can automatically fill web stores but also create data sheets, price lists, labels and many other items in fully automated fashion.

A selection of Marketingmanager connectors

MarketingManager Enterprise

Integrate external data sources intelligently

Whether it’s for marketplace providers, retail companies with comprehensive product ranges or manufacturers with D2C strategies: The enterprise version ensures the consistent data quality of all product information and automates the distribution of external data to the desired marketing channels.
NEW: BIM module for IFC data export

Automate rule-compliant output of IFC files

With the new BIM export module, MarketingManager automates the document generation of IFC files based on the OpenBIM standard. Apart from content and geometry data, MarketingManager can also output graphic textures as a bundle.

Integrate MarketingManager in E-commerce solutions
For more information, please visit the MarketingManager website.


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