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Materialo – Europe’s Ultimate Tool for Flooring Visualization!

Our mission:
To help you maximise your economic success.

Our innovative solution:
To showcase your flooring products in the most stunning and realistic way possible – using AI or room pictures.

Stop imagining and discover the power of AI

So easy:
– Take a photo of your room
– Choose a floor
– Get the real impression

Join us in transforming the way you present and sell your floors. Try it below.

New in Great Britain

Press – – and see the results!

Upload your room photo and see what our AI-Tool can do to your room.

More Than


Rendered Rooms in April 2024



Collections of Flooring, Wallpapers, Fabrics, etc.

No Less Than

150,000 Products

Included in Database

See the Demo

5 Reasons to Use Materialo

• One month free trial – register now!
• 100% web app – 100% easy integration
• Mobile, on website, on premises – all in one
• More than just flooring: + walls + curtains + upholstery

From £39/month

What Our Customers Like About Materialo

“Thanks to Materialo, our customers can design their dream rooms with just a few clicks. The intuitive interface and realistic visualization have significantly boosted our sales.”
Maximilian H., Retailer

“Materialo has revolutionized our consulting process. Customers can visualize different flooring and wall colours in their own spaces right in the store. This builds trust and speeds up purchasing decisions.”
Sophie M., Interior Designer

How Materialo Grows Your Business

A picture says more than 1000 words…
…and speeds up every decision.

Informed decisions give lower return rates…
… and your satisfied customers will come back.

Increased involvement retains customers.

It will boost your sales!


• One Month Full Use for Free
• No Credit Card Needed
• Trial Period Ends Without Cancellation
• Risk Free Registration

Start Your Free Trial Today!

Experience the Power of Stunning Visuals in Your Marketing!

Key Features

  • High Quality Flooring Visuals

  • Seamless integration with your website

  • 100% browser app – works on mobile and PC 

  • Customise with your logo and prefered colour

  • Easy to use – see demo

More Features

  • AI-Feature uses your customers photos

  • Over 3,000 room scenes with Mix & Match

  • Flooring + wall decor + fabrics – all in one

  • One month free trial

  • From £39/month from the second month onward!

The Mix & Match Function

Mix & Match gives you the option to choose from more than 3,000 room setups. Step by step you build up

– window size and style of sun shades
– furniture
– ambient atmosphere

Choose a combination that matches the room you want to redesign. After setting up the “white room”, you can introduce colour, wallpapers, carpets, fabrics and other decor items.

All key elements of your room blend together and create a unified look.

This is Materialo

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